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Thank you for the great training and the special needs children network. 

Danielle Viens
HCP Petits Lutins Drummondville

The FIPEQ has helped me with work-family balance. I was able to keep my job security during my maternity leaves so I could return to work. I have more vacation, which lets me spend time with my family, and I also have time off, which lets me take care of my children when they need me.

Geneviève Héroux
CPE la ribambelle, Rouyn-Noranda

Before we unionized, the management would impose changes in working conditions such as lengthening work schedules in order to cut a position they deemed less important. Now that we are unionized with the SIPEQ, which is affiliated with the FIPEQ, we have a great province-wide group agreement, which means we are the agents of our working conditions. When the CPE needs to restructure, we participate in the changes rather than being subjected to them, which is much more effective and makes much more sense.

Maude Dechamplain
Educator at the CPE Roc Amadour, SIPEQ

At one time, in the 1980s, a member of the board of directors wanted to pay us less than the minimum wage, because, he said, we were only "babysitters"! Also, in one establishment where the childcare service was located, the office employees did not want us in the cafeteria, because we didn't fit their criteria. The FIPEQ-affiliated union has been a unifying influence that has enabled us to be heard by the Ministère, promote our competencies and as a result, win respect as professional employees.

Doris Côté
Compliance agent at the CPE le Petit Train in Lévis, SIPEQ