Training for executive committee members - FIPEQ

Training for executive committee members

A range of training programs is available to Federation members, based on their needs and requests.
Any local union may formulate a request to hold a session in occupational health and safety.
A written request must be submitted to the Federation to arrange for a training session. To make a request, use the supporting document available here (PDF document for download)


Upon request, customized training sessions are provided to the executive committees of FIPEQ-affiliated local unions to explain the coverage content of their group insurance plan.  These sessions are provided by knowledgeable advisors with expertise in group personal insurance who can answer members' questions.

As a policyholder of group insurance plans, the FIPEQ ensures that its local unions and members receive effective representation with insurers.

Occupational Health and Safety

Many types of training sessions are available. These sessions can be designed for administrators, OHS officials and members.

The themes addressed cover various aspects of OHS, such as: knowledge of laws governing OHS, mechanisms for contesting decisions, implementation and operations of an OHS committee, psychological health (stress, burnout and psychological harassment, etc.), conducting a case, air quality, investigation and inspection techniques, conciliation and more.