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Our issues

The FIPEQ advocates the establishment of a network of quality educational childcare services for all children in Québec that is accessible to children age 0-5 years. Now, the best way of improving the quality of educational childcare is to promote the development of childcare centres and home childcare services, not the expansion of private daycare. This is not a government expenditure but rather a profitable investment for society. Early intervention, particularly in disadvantaged communities, has beneficial effects that continue to be felt over the course of children's education and throughout their lives.

In addition, reduced contribution childcare is one of the best means of ensuring work and family balance. It has made it easier for large numbers of mothers with young children to go back to work. Indeed, the employment rate for mothers of 3 to 5 year-old children has risen dramatically since the implementation of CPEs in 1997, from 63% to 75% for mothers with partners and from 46% to 69% for single mothers.

In addition to working on negotiations, defending and representing members, the FIPEQ spearheads a range of activities regarding special needs children. We advocate support measures that are more appropriate for these children.  The FIPEQ-CSQ advocates real recognition of the profession of CPE educators and home childcare providers.

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We also undertake a number of actions to promote continuing education for childcare practitioners. The FIPEQ participates in the home childcare providers professional development fund management committee and it is a member of the board of directors of the early childhood training and education services organization.