Mission and values - FIPEQ

Mission and values


The Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ) represents close to 15,000 childcare professionals before the Ministère de la Famille. In partnership with its union confederation, it works to defend and improve the rights and working conditions of its members, promotes and secures the professional and societal recognition of practitioners and defends their socioeconomic interests. The FIPEQ coordinates the delivery of services with regard to labour relations, legal assistance, union organization and training. It empowers members to ensure that local bodies enjoy autonomy.


Through its values, the FIPEQ aims to ensure that the public and all political bodies recognize its leadership and its capacity to make a difference for the childcare community and for childcare professionals. It is the driving force behind the history of childcare in Québec, and its ultimate vision is to secure social justice for childcare professionals, thus shaping the future well-being of Québec society.


At the FIPEQ, our values, based on love for children and the profession, underpin the pleasure we take in serving the cause. They reflect personal values that draw on the vitality of the FIPEQ’s collective vision. 
We walk the talk on these values within our organization and they mirror its reality.


United in solidarity behind all the goals of the cause, we take action in the knowledge that our members are moving in the same direction.  Sharing a collective identity while rooting it in a community of interests means we are obligated to support others in developing a common identity.  It implies transparency and trust.


A person of integrity observes the rules of social morality, combining honesty, justice and propriety. Integrity also implies a commitment to being true to oneself while respecting others and the unity of the group to which one belongs. It preserves respect in the event of a breach of trust.


This is an attitude that fosters consideration for oneself, for others and for the human and physical environment. It is contrary to being judgmental.


Demonstrates trustworthiness and takes the risk of trusting others. This implies that the group shares transparency and honesty.


An attitude that promotes taking innovative initiatives based on leadership and the due diligence required to achieve goals. It's the product of the four other values.