History - FIPEQ


In 1985, the staff at the Garderie Villeneuve in Montréal, followed by the personnel of Le Collectif enfant parent travailleur (CEPT) in Rouyn-Noranda, knocked on the door of the CEQ, today the CSQ.  Initially affiliated with the Fédération du personnel de la santé et des services sociaux (FPSSS), the daycare centre unions formed an autonomous group in 1993.  At the time, the Fédération des intervenantes en garderie (FIG) exclusively represented the employees of daycare centres. 

In 1997, the year in which childcare centres (CPEs) were established, the federation adopted the name Fédération des intervenantes en petite enfance du Québec (FIPEQ) and opened its doors to a new category of workers: self-employed workers/home childcare providers. Faced with the arrival of self-employed workers in the labour market, union organizations had to adapt their traditional practices. The first association was founded in fall 1997 in Laval. 

As the result of a significant unionization campaign launched in fall 2008 following the repeal of Bill 8, the FIPEQ came to represent close to 13,600 home childcare providers and some 2,000 CPE workers.  It is the most representative union in Québec's childcare sector.

That is how employees and self-employed workers, all practitioners working under the banner of childcare centres, came to take their place with the FIPEQ today.